Thursday, November 29, 2007

Free Options For Church Security Software

Some small churches simply can't justify spending another dollar above their budget. So I've put together an article about some free things you can do to further secure your church database.

It is quite possible that those responsible for church security are completely overlooking one of their most vulnerable points of all: their computers. When it comes to protecting a church computer network, the one thing you cannot skimp on is the security software. Many of the new computers are coming with enhanced security features with the Vista operating system, but it is just not enough.

Here a few things you can implement for free. Download Windows Defender for free. Just do a Google for it, and you should find a free download. Windows Defender is a free security software that can help protect your church network from viruses, and other un wanted spyware and adware programs that put vital information at risk. After downloading it, install it on your desktop and run it every single day.

While Windows Defender is a fine piece of free security software, it really is not enough alone. You also should download a free adware remover called Adaware. Again, simply do a Google search for Adaware and you'll find a free download. Once you've downloaded it, install it to your desktop as well, and run it at least once per week. This will help take your church security to a new level, for free.

While those are the top two recommendations for free security software, free software will not provide the maximum amount of protection. It is one thing to keep your church computers from being infected with viruses, spyware, and adware, but its another thing to go the extra mile to protect your data. No doubt, your church has private information about tithing records, attendance, phone numbers, home addresses, and other private information on it.

If you are not currently running a top of the line software application to protect that data, anyone can hack it at anytime. More and more, hackers are targeting church networks, because they can easily get information they otherwise wouldn't get their hands on since the church is usually an easy target to pick off. It is a virtual goldmine for the right kind of hacker.

The safest thing you can do to help protect your congregation and their private information, is to invest in a quality software, specifically for church data security. You'll most likely find several good ones from Google, but they can be pricy. For a full list of affordable data security, virus protection, and spyware and adware removal software applications, check the links to the right of the page.

Remember, if you are in charge of keeping your church information secure, this is one area that you cannot skimp on. So while you will find some great deals on the church virus protection blog, do not go for the cheapest one just because its all you can afford. If you are a small church, and do not have the funds to purchase the more quality software, then wait until next week when you can. The difference in price is not really big, so you should be able to save for it.

Whatever you do, do not put it off as a non issue. Many churches have fallen victim to identity theft, and worse. Take every preventative step you can to make sure your church is not the next to suffer the same crimes!

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